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Conversation with Angels

Author’s Journey from Israeli Soldier, to Successful Entrepreneur and Harvard Graduate, to World Traveler, Spiritual Seeker and, Finally, A Miraculous Visitation  And Profound Messages from a Higher Dimension
     The Energy of the Planet is Rapidly Shifting and the Messages Point Us
         To Move With Joy, Peace, Balance and Love Into the Next Step of
             Planetary Evolution and Into a Higher Frequency and Vibration
New York, NY – May 4, 2009 – “It is the grandest time in your history as humans on this planet and nothing you know will stay the same.” With words such as these, “Conversation with Angels: And So Be It” by Dror B. Ashuah (Epigraph/Monkfish Book Publishing Co., 356 pages, 2009) are the inspirational and sometimes “mind-blowing” messages received by Mr. Ashuah, a former Israeli soldier, successful entrepreneur and Harvard graduate, in preparation for an unprecedented time of global transition.

Desmond Tutu to receive Spiritual Leadership Award

[from Religion Press Release Service]

Desmond TutuPRETORIA, South Africa -- South African Desmond Tutu will receive an international award recognizing his "vision, understanding and building of bridges," a global spiritual group said.


YouTube video of spiritual/scientific synthesizer and author Gregg Braden on "The Matrix of Life".
Braden addresses his perception of a unifying matrix underlying physical reality - a "living pulsating essence" - a quantum field, a conscious and intelligent substance - that speaks to our Hearts as well as our minds.

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, The Promise of Our Future

[Editor's Note: "The God Code" is not a brand new book, but a powerful book we thought worth posting on Enrichment. We cannot scientifically verify that author Greg Braden is 100% accurate from a scientifically objective place - but our sense is, from an intuitive place, that the message is meaningful and worth contemplating and reflecting upon.]

"The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, The Promise of Our Future" - a book by Gregg Braden

[Permission for reprinting of this article given to by Henrik Palmgren of].

"Human misery is more often caused not so much by stupidity as by ignor ance, particularly our own ignorance about ourselves." –Carl Sagan

What would it mean to discover an ancient language—a literal message—hidden within the DNA of life itself? What we once believed of our past is about to change…


by Jo Hartley

(NaturalNews) People's stress level these days seems to be directly related to their jobs and their workplaces. There are many factors that directly contribute to the amount of stress that people feel. Job insecurity, unnatural lighting, lack of natural sun, computers, chemicals, and job pressures are only a few of the many situations that people have to deal with on a daily basis. Many of these situations also seem beyond a person's control and that can lead to even more stress.

A Modern Understanding of Homeopathic Medicine

by Dana Ullman, MPH
(Excepted from Discovering Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century, North Atlantic Books)

Great Britain's Royal Family, Mahatma Gandhi, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Tina Turner, and Yehudi Menuhin don't have much in common, except for the fact that they all have been strong supporters of homeopathic medicine. (1) There is one simple reason that these and other respected individuals the world over have supported homeopathic medicine: it works.

The science and art of homeopathy embody what many people envision as a 21st century medicine. Homeopathy is a medical approach that respects the wisdom of the body. It is an approach that utilizes medicines that stimulate the body's own immune and defense system to initiate the healing process. It is an approach that individualizes medicines according to the totality of the person's physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. It is an approach that is widely recognized to be safe. And it is an approach that can be potentially very effective in treating the new types of diseases that are afflicting us now and will affect us in the 21st century.

11 Easy Steps To Reduce Your Impact On The Earth


Here are a few EASY things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Try one, two, or all. The idea is to start thinking about the way we consume and the environmental legacy that we are leaving for our children’s children. So, start small and when you get the hang of it, try another step. These are just a few ways that each of us truly can make a difference in our world.


Mike Schwager

There is a remedy from China that users report is putting their cancers into remission.

The remedy is called "Haelan 951” (pronounced “Heelan”). It has had a dearth of publicity to-date – yet it is extraordinary, and worth consideration. Haelan 951 is approved by the FDA as a food substance. It is undergoing clinical trials as a remedy for cancer and is not yet officially FDA approved as a medicine. For this reason, the company that imports the product into the USA cannot yet officially state that it is a cure or remedy for cancer. But wherever clinical trials are held, the findings are extremely positive.

Interviews with people who have taken Haelan 951 for cancer, shows that in many cases it works by boosting the immune system up to 700%, making it virtually impossible for cancer cells to grow or spread. After these interviews, I recommended to a family member with both chronic lymphatic leukemia and the diagnosis of an aggressive breast cancer tumor, that she take the Haelan. Having done so, she went into remission after a few months from both the CLL and breast cancer. Eight years later, she is still in remission.

Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2008


With the Golden Globes awarded and the Academy Award nominations just in, film reviewers Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat announce their choices of 2008's most spiritually literate films -- those movies that best reflect the character qualities that lead to a meaningful life. "We've identified an alphabet of spiritual practices that are recognized by the world's religions as being signs of spirituality, and when we watch films, we look for them," says Mary Ann.

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