About Us

Welcome to Enrichment.com! We are a news, informational and inspirational portal that speaks to the nobility of the human spirit, to the real possibility that through the power of intention, choice and faith, humankind can build a more creative, compassionate world filled with unlimited hope, promise and fulfillment for every man, woman and child on our planet.

We believe in a Higher Power out of which all life has emerged. We believe that Life is sacred and intelligent, and that we must treat It with the reverence, respect, kindness, understanding, unique expression, tolerance and support It deserves. We come from an inclusionary and unitive perspective, taking no ideological or religious positions, though drawing on the great accumulation of wisdom from all the world’s great religions, cultures, humanitarian documents, and the enlightened views and thinking of the great philosophers, healers, visionaries, humanitarians, artists, writers, scientists, spiritual teachers and all lovers of life everywhere.

We are an advocacy site. We stand for the forward movement of humanity towards freedom; towards the advancement, full flowering and creative, spiritual development of each person’s unique human potential, higher purpose and improved quality-of-life; towards the acceptance and honoring of basic human rights for all; towards an end to poverty; and towards reverence for the non-human life forms on our planet.

We believe that through deep and honest dialogue and communication between cultures, races, genders, religions and ideas, that mutual understanding and the discovery of our common humanity and aspirations can and will be found. Through an honoring of the richness of our diversity, and our diverse views and values, a pathway to our fundamental unity can also be revealed. Through an appreciation of our common struggles, as viewed by one towards another, a heartfelt empathy and appreciation of the vulnerability and preciousness of each of us may be achieved. In all of this, the vision of Enrichment sees the potentiality of a convergence of all peoples towards a higher plane of unity, love, creative possibility and fulfillment; and the realization of a next step for humanity on Earth.

We're under no illusions. We understand that there lurks within each of us the possibility to become overwhelmed by fear, to descend into intolerance, cruelty, excessive greed, violence and limiting, destructive beliefs. We believe, however, that sometimes through the process of human struggle, compassion can emerge when people are encouraged to see themselves in others, and others in themselves. We also believe that through the power inherent in each of us to choose and to focus our consciousness on the light rather than the darkness, that the seeds of kindness, love, hope, understanding, freedom with responsibility, and encouragement can be planted and sewn.

We choose to believe that genuine creative and spiritual fulfillment is each person’s birthright, and that constructive self-empowerment can take the place of hopelessness, despair, suppression and repression. We choose to believe that a poverty of consciousness and materiality can be supplanted with a consciousness of life's sweetness, of its preciousness, abundance, creative potential and unlimited possibility. We choose to believe that a new light of promise and hope can be enkindled, illuminating the way for a truly brighter and better future for everyone.

We’ve com e to a fragile and vulnerable point in our evolution. Technology can be a tool for great and unparalleled achievement, communication, comfort and convenience, but without the guiding hand of wisdom and compassion, it can be the instrument for terrible destruction and suffering.

Enrichment.com is a place where you can come to enrich your life, and to help enrich the world:

  • …to become replenished and empowered in your heart and mind with positive, life-affirming thoughts, ideas and inspirations. To have access to a treasure-trove of enriching books, ideas, commentaries, articles, audios and videos, written and produced by wise and thoughtful authors, columnists and producers. See us as a resource to help deepen your connection to Source and Consciousness, and to help you focus on the unlimited possibilities and creative imagination inherent within yourself as the natural expression of life’s yearning to be all It can be, in unique, exceptional and beautiful ways.
  • …to become exposed to a range of spiritual insights and practices that can help illuminate your own particular spiritual journey, a journey that must be your own unique intimate ex perience.
  • …for Breakthrough News in health and improved quality-of-life, especially news that points to credible alternative and holistic approaches; in science, with the accent on the relationship between science and spirituality; on alternative, holistic quality-of-life solutions for the aging Baby Boom generation; on entrepreneurship, with inspiring and practical news on the subject; on the arts; on the ecology and environmental matters; on critical humanitarian issues and their potential solutions; on increasing awareness about, and finding solutions to animal suffering; and on solutions or potential solutions to conflict.
  • …to understand our differences, within the context of people of different religions, cultures, genders, ethnicities, generations and ideas seeking to find common ground through dialogue and centered, heartfelt communication.
  • …with interviews, first person personal accounts and mentoring advice from celebrities, healers, visionaries, leading-edge thinkers and opinion leaders, and the stories of unsung heroes, of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the world.
  • …to discover some of the beautiful and/or sacred travel places, retreats and vacation spots in the world.
  • …to find healthy and delicious vegetarian gourmet recipes, and great restaurants offering exceptional and healthy gourmet meals.
  • …to serve – to connect with the hundreds of humanitarian and ecological groups around the world which help to end human and animal suffering, and which help advance global environmental sanity.

Please come visit us, and we hope you will visit us often. See us as a sanctuary for your heart, your mind and your spirit. Come to Enrichment.com, and discover a resource where you can enrich your life, and enrich our world


Mike Schwager is Founder, President and Editor-in-Chief of Enrichment.com, an idea envisioned on a walk down a Soho street in Manhattan during the winter of 1990. Within this vision was the sense that as the world converges technologically, so is the time also ripe for a convergence and new integration between people, races, genders, religions and cultures...coming together and finding common ground through dialogue and heart-felt expression. The time is also fertile for increased opportunities for human fulfillment, and the growth of human potentiality - through service to the Earth and humanity, vocational/entrepreneurial growth, and creative/ spiritual insight, growth and self-development. Schwager authored many business plans that described the Enrichment theme within various media formats. Enrichment.com is the culmination of this process.

As a media specialist for Burson-Marsteller, as president of Michael Klepper Associates, and as head of his own two media relations firms - The Media Relations Group and Worldlink Media Consultants - Mike Schwager has been an accomplished media relations/public relations executive, with a track record of building reputations for non-profits, associations, companies, governments and authors. His publicity efforts have also helped raise millions for humanitarian enterprises; and he has successfully put organizations such as CURE International, Opportunity International, Geneva Global, National Spinal Cord Injury Association, KidsPeace, The John Templeton Foundation, The United Negro College Fund, Magazine Publishers of America and Boys & Girls Clubs of America in the public spotlight. He has introduced China to America as Director of Public Relations for The Exhibition of the People's Republic of China, and has gained increased respect for Mexico in the American mind by developing television news stories on behalf of the United States-Mexican Development Corporation. He has spearheaded successful p.r. campaigns for such companies as Kelloggs, Data General, ABC/Capital Cities Publishing, Tadiran and World Color Press.

He has also implemented promotional campaigns for best-selling books such as Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, and created successes for such other books as You Can Heal Your Life; For Entrepreneurs Only; Remembering America: A Voice from the Sixties; The Hidden Pope; and A Billion Bootstraps: Microcredit, Barefoot Banking and the Business Solution for Ending Poverty.

Mr. Schwager is an acclaimed counselor to CEOs, and as a media interview trainer has prepared many CEOs, diplomats and authors for appearances on national television. He is also an accomplished writer of Opinion Editorials and speeches for executives and politicians.