Conversation with Angels

Author’s Journey from Israeli Soldier, to Successful Entrepreneur and Harvard Graduate, to World Traveler, Spiritual Seeker and, Finally, A Miraculous Visitation  And Profound Messages from a Higher Dimension
     The Energy of the Planet is Rapidly Shifting and the Messages Point Us
         To Move With Joy, Peace, Balance and Love Into the Next Step of
             Planetary Evolution and Into a Higher Frequency and Vibration
New York, NY – May 4, 2009 – “It is the grandest time in your history as humans on this planet and nothing you know will stay the same.” With words such as these, “Conversation with Angels: And So Be It” by Dror B. Ashuah (Epigraph/Monkfish Book Publishing Co., 356 pages, 2009) are the inspirational and sometimes “mind-blowing” messages received by Mr. Ashuah, a former Israeli soldier, successful entrepreneur and Harvard graduate, in preparation for an unprecedented time of global transition.

As a soldier who participated in battle on the Israel-Lebanon frontier, a traumatic experience that began an internal transformation, Mr. Ashuah traveled a journey which ultimately led to a profound encounter with energies from a higher frequency; a group of beings who declare their connection with us and their love for us. [note: see “The Author’s Journey”].
In the lineage of books like Way of the Peaceful Warrior - A Course In Miracles – and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now – Dror B. Ashuah relays a non-linear worldview about the nature of life on Earth and our purpose in the Universe that has been virtually hidden from view. “Reality as we know it is operating from two sides: this physical dimension and a non-physical higher-frequency dimension that is alive with consciousness,” he said.
Mr. Ashuah says that the message from the angels has to do with each of us awakening to our divinity and understanding our role on this earthly journey. For us to awaken we must be in touch with our biological bodies and our feelings.   “This story is much grander then what we are told,” he said. “We are universal angelic consciousnesses who are part of the essence of God immersed in forgetfulness. It is time to remember and wake up. The energy of the planet is rapidly shifting and this information is needed to move with joy, peace, balance and love into the next step of planetary evolution and into a higher frequency and vibration.”
Mr. Ashuah refers to evolution as both physical process and conscious co-creation between ourselves and the higher energies. “It is neither this alone, or that alone,” he says. “The messages infer that it is both. Evolution is a creative spiritual process that moves through and by consciousness; and angelic forces are part of the energy we call nature or evolution.”
Among the poignant messages of Conversation with Angels are: Reality has two sides - Evolution is both physical and spiritual - Our planet is converging and shifting to align with the purpose of the Universe - Time is accelerating - Human Potential is flowering – Tolerance and Self-Transformation is a key for world transformation - We are Angels and our mission is to become multidimensional moving to a higher Frequency and to a new reality which can bring about a balanced planet and peace on Earth.
In speaking about the angelic source of the messages in a recent interview about his book, the author said: “We are them and we have invoked these messages through our intention. Our work here on Earth is to awaken to our divine Nature – through love and intention.” 
Say the angels: “You are on the eve of a new era. It is you who chose to vibrate higher and change your future. Your future was a probability, and you have chosen  a different probability, a truly grand one, and you are on track to graduate. We wish to impart to you that your time, as you know it, is collapsing. You are experiencing an acceleration of time as you know it. What it means is that various dimensions are colliding and you will begin to experience multiple realities simultaneously.”
The Messages Begin
 “One day on December 10, 2007, while meditating, I heard this voice,” said the author.   “This joyful, happy-go-lucky voice said for me to go to the computer and just wait and let go. So I turned on the computer and waited. And then I heard the beginning of a sentence, and then I heard the next sentence, and then I just kept following and typing what I heard. When I read it again, it was a short paragraph that gave me an intention to be in a place of love so I could be ready to write.”
In this state of lightness and love, Dror went to have tea at a nearby Starbucks on Reade Street and Broadway in lower Manhattan. “While sitting there,” he said, “I had a vision of three angels. And I ‘heard’ the first messages and took notes.” This would be the first
in a series of messages that occurred from December 10, 2007 to March 1, 2008 – and constitute the messages published in Conversation with Angels.
The vision Dror had at Starbucks was in the form of three men all dressed in white. (Note: the author reveals that angels manifest as messengers in physical form to many people from time to time to deliver important messages). One man, a Black man with
curly hair, said to him, “We want to speak to you about you and we wish you to take notes. We are angels like you,” he said. You have moved away from the divine, feminine side of yourselves to the rational, masculine side. By doing so, you have created imbalance within yourselves and your relationship to the planet.”

The Message Guide
After the Starbucks experience, the messages continued daily. The angels asked Dror to read the intention and he followed by sitting in front of the computer reading and waiting for the message to begin. The angel gave the daily message one word at a time and at times through visions. “I never knew what it would be about and if it made any sense, until it was completed.” The book is a presentation of the original messages in the order they were received 
These messages are distilled in the Message Guide section towards the end of the book, with 107 messages.   Here is a sampling:
 “It is our intention to help you realize your full potential by guiding you through the mechanism of spirit.  From our perspective it is simple. You have two main tools and the rest is a variation on this theme.  The first is love, and the second is intent.  These two are the vehicle and the fuel. You contain all you need, and you create what you need when you are in the now…”.
“When a human plants a seed of enlightenment, all around will begin to see the light.  It is an awesome power to realize your oneness and to set an intention to vibrate at a higher frequency.”
“There is a greater story out there. The story is in the circle. You are always searching for answers. Many of the answers are in front of you. Most of you can’t see them because you look in straight lines, but the answers are in the circle. It is the story of three-dimensional reality versus multidimensional reality. Explaining multidimensional reality to a human is like explaining to a fish how to ride a bike.”
“When you are in love, the substance that your glands secrete actually opens a door, which inter-dimensionally is a vortex that connects you to that love force of which you become part. When you are ‘in love,’ you are feeling the vibration that is most prevalent in the universe and in creation.”
“Do not judge the others as each one of you is on a different path, and therefore, what you call your “truth” may differ…Do not judge your friends, for what is good for them may not be good for you and vice versa.”
Conversation With Angels contains 49 six to seven page chapters which constitute clear and lucid angelic messages, plus two Forewards – one from the author and one from the angels. It includes a background chapterintroducing the journey that led to the messages. Finally, the last section of the book features a Message Guide constituting 107 one-paragraph messages distilled from the body of the book. Mr. Ashuah presents an accumulation of work intended by its higher source to inspire and build a more loving, connected and tolerant world.